An update on their progress so far

Jamie and Josh have managed to send us little updates and nuggets of information via their satellite phone and seem to be in generally good spirits and enjoying the challenge!

After two days tackling a hefty climb they reached flatter terrain on the icecap. They have been getting to grips with the camping situation and, as the wind has picked up, they have been building a snow wall around the tent to ease conditions.

They had a slight scare on the third night (Thursday 11th) as a a solar panel flapping in the wind sounded like an approaching polar bear! Josh described it as a ‘heart thumping moment’.

Friday 12th the boys were finally able to get their kites up, Josh said he ‘took some tumbles’ but were ‘nailing it still’ and that it was ‘a lot more fun than dragging a sled through crevasses'!’

Waking up on Saturday 13th to winds of 68kph meant that an attempt at kiting was soon aborted and the guys spent time sorting meals and equipment and drying clothing. Josh was also very proud of an makeshift snow toilet he had made for himself!

After a strong start on Monday both Jamie and Josh suffered breakages with their kites which, frustratingly, put a stop to any progress made. They now have to average about 100km a day to kit their end of April target for finishing.

So all in all, both are in good spirits and health but are fully aware of the challenge before them and would like to thank everyone supporting them back home!

(More updates to come, all photo updates are being posted to on instagram)